Mar, 31 By 3 Comments

the car key

Soooo…  we are sorry for a little delay with the posts. Our current project is restoring an old fence in the garden. We thought that the project would take us a weekend, maybe two and that we would have a post written by this weekend. Well, there was some...
Mar, 23 By 4 Comments

the table

For a couple of years we had in our kitchen a cheap Ikea table with 4 corresponding chairs. We always assumed that the table with those chairs would only be a solution for a short period of time.  The table was only 70 cm by 120 cm and it...
Mar, 17 By 1 Comment

the floor

Right before I started writing this post my computer decided to quit on me. Permanently. The diagnosis:  dead hard drive. With the hard drive went all the pictures for this and for a couple of other posts. Of course we didn’t have any backup. Fortunately we had some photos...
Mar, 10 By 2 Comments

broken water pipe

One day we noticed a damp spot near the floor on the hallway.  On the second day the spot got bigger and when our downstairs neighbour called us that they too had a damp spot on their ceiling, we knew that something was wrong. Right there, where the spot...