It’s minimal, modern, sustainable and eco–friendly. Since it’s very stable, your cat won’t be able to knock it down.
You don’t have to water it and it doesn’t shed any needles.
It takes up little space when the branches are arranged in one direction, or you can arrange the branches as you wish in all directions.


The Christmas tree is approximately
40 inches // 100 cm high
30 inches // 75 cm high


The branches are made of walnut, oak & maple, that is sustainably forested and grown in Slovenia.  The branches are finished with a couple of coats of oil to give the tree a nice and warm feeling. The trunk is a steel rod and the base a steel plate. The steel is painted with a powder coating process which is the most environmentaly friendy type of coating and the finish is tougher than conventional paint.


Everything you need  for the assembly is in the box. It contains: the branches, steel rod, steel base, a bolt, hex key and the instructions. To assemble just screw the rod to the base with the bolt using the hex key and then just mount all the branches from the largest to the smallest onto the rod.


When Christmas is over, you can easily disassemble it and store it until next year in the box that came with it.


We dispatch our trees in 3- 5 working days with DHL Express.

Estimated delivery time is 2-5 working days.