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broken water pipe

One day we noticed a damp spot near the floor on the hallway.  On the second day the spot got bigger and when our downstairs neighbour called us that they too had a damp spot on their ceiling, we knew that something was wrong. Right there, where the spot



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the floor

Right before I started writing this post my computer decided to quit on me. Permanently. The diagnosis:  dead hard drive. With the hard drive went all the pictures for this and for a couple of other posts. Of course we didn’t have any backup. Fortunately we had some photos



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the table

For a couple of years we had in our kitchen a cheap Ikea table with 4 corresponding chairs. We always assumed that the table with those chairs would only be a solution for a short period of time.  The table was only 70 cm by 120 cm and it



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the car key

Soooo…  we are sorry for a little delay with the posts. Our current project is restoring an old fence in the garden. We thought that the project would take us a weekend, maybe two and that we would have a post written by this weekend. Well, there was some



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the fence (part 1)

This project was long overdue. We were probably just hoping for the last two years that the fence would miraculously fixed itself. Or just collapsed. Neither of those two things happened. Well, it was a miracle itself that it didn’t collapse the way it looked. It was leaning like



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the fence (part 2)

It took a while, but it’s up. The fence is standing! 🙂 Please, please ignore the state of our garden. It is high on our to do list. 🙂 When the fence was first built the posts were just put in the ground and concrete poured around them. Of