sunny California

Through the whole month of January we were on holidays in the sunny California and are really sorry for not posting since Christmas.

We had a really great time! We explored the beautiful San Francisco and northern California and even went on a trip through Death Valley to the magnificent Grand Canyon. It was so nice to enjoy so much sun. Especially because, for a little bit, we escaped all that snow and freezing temperatures that were in Slovenia in January. We came back about a week ago and are still trying to get rid of the horrible jet lag and are slowly getting back to our tracks. We must thank our doggy sitters for taking such good care of our dogs.

So for now here are just a couple of snapshots that we took and promise to get back to posting in no time.

1Half Moon Bay

2Sand dunes in Death Valley

3Death Valley

4Grand Canyon


6San Francisco from Alcatraz

7Transamerica Pyramid

8Golden Gate Bridge


10Ocean beach

11San Francisco from Twin Peaks

12Surfing in Santa Cruz

13Santa Cruz

14Our sweet ride for the whole month – Citroen DS21 [1967]